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About the DSAA

The Dual Sport Association of Australia (DSAA) is about bringing together dual sport motorcycle enthusiasts, dealers, and manufacturers interested in protecting and expanding the dual sport motorcycle lifestyle. From education and training to forest rides, charity events and keeping riders informed of threats to their right to ride.

When you associate with us, you add your voice to the many dual sport motorcycle owners fighting for the freedom to enjoy recreational motorcycling. Don’t wait until your favourite ride is threatened! Take action today by teaming up with the DSAA and support the group dedicated to protecting your right to ride and helping you to get behind the bars and out on the trails more often.

The DSAA is a Division of the Association of Motorcycle and Automobile Clubs Ltd (the AMA). 

About the AMA

The AMA and its group of not for profit clubs are about local grassroots participation in recreational vehicle and motor vehicle sport and recreation. The sensible structure of the AMA means camping, driving, riding and racing is made affordable for the whole family, so you can get outdoors and do what you love most, either 'on road' or 'off road'. 

The Mission of the AMA is to develop, promote and protect the motor vehicle and recreational vehicle lifestyle.

The object for which the Company is established is the encouragement of motor vehicle driver and rider sport and recreation by: 

  1. encouraging, advancing, conducting, guiding, promoting and governing all levels of motor vehicle driver and rider sport and recreation for AMA Clubs Members; 
  2. promoting the provision and development of appropriate facilities for AMA Clubs Members to participate in motor vehicle driver and rider sport and recreation;
  3. maintaining and enhancing standards and quality of motor vehicle driver and rider sport and recreation for the collective and mutual benefit and interests of AMA Clubs Members and motor vehicle driver and rider sport and recreation; 
  4. promoting, governing, managing and conducting motor vehicle driver and rider education, sport, recreation, competitions, championships and associated events for AMA Clubs members; 
  5. promoting motor vehicle driver and rider sport and recreation for commercial, government and public recognition and benefits; and
  6. supporting, affiliating and liaising with other organisations in pursuit of these objectives.

The Vision of the AMA is more people camping, driving, riding and racing more often.  

Membership to the AMA Clubs entitles members to the benefits offered by the AMA. The benefits include participating in any AMA sanctioned activity or event, advertised by the AMA, its Divisions, Groups, Branches or Promoters, anywhere in Australia and elsewhere in the world.

All fundraising activities of the DSAA, support the Mission and Vision of AMA Charity

Photo courtesy of Nautical Image